Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Ultimate Buffy Drinking Game

As I'm nearly halfway through my Good, Bad and Ugly of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, thought I'd bring you this quick interlude from me, Flowri and PJ Montgomery:

The Ultimate Buffy Drinking Game!

1. Credit Shot - down one shot of alcohol. 
You know all the clips from episodes that feature in the opening credits of every episode? Any time you see the scene those clips are actually taken from, have a drink.

2. Every time you see a character's bra strap - take one shot if it's a female character, two for a male character*.

3. Every time you see a vampire go game-face - have a drink.

4. Every time a vampire gets dusted - have a drink.

5. Every time a non-stake is used to dust a vampire - have a drink. 
Pencils, table-legs, cymbals - anything and everything that is used to slay vamps, if you see it on-screen, you take a shot.

6. Every bad accent! 
Angel's bad fake-Irish, Kendra's awful...I want to say Jamiacan? Basically, if there's an actor on-screen trying (and failing) to deliver an accent not their own, take a drink. One shot per accent, don't try and drink for the whole time they're speaking. This is a game, not a kamikaze challenge.

7. Whedon crossover actors - one shot per show they've been in, first on-screen appearance only. 
Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion...those actors who have appeared in Joss-written shows other than Buffy.

8. Every time non-English is spoken - one shot per language. 
If a character is speaking a demon language, the flashback scenes where Anya/Aud is speaking (fake) Swedish...If it ain't English, take a drink.

9. Giles cleans his glasses - take a shot every time this happens.

10. The British are coming! 
Bit of an obscure way to explain it, but we just loved this line. What this means is, any time characters get away with swearing on-screen by using British slang ("wanker" and "bollocks" being popular choices) then you take a shot.

And that's it! Designed for playing whilst watching several episodes in a row - we thought of including a rule where any time Buffy is dressed like a total slut, you take a drink, but then we realised we didn't want to drink ourselves into a coma after one episode. Enjoy!

* Yep, you do see male characters wearing bras in certain episodes...

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