Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Flat Stanley Project

Welcome, one and all, to my interactive Flat Stanley post!

The granddaughter of a family friend, K., is doing a school project about Flat Stanley and we need YOU to help with it!

Schools across America are working on the FlatStanley Project and we're helping out K.'s part in it. She lives in Illinois and her grandparents sent Flat Stanley to Mum and I. Here's the blurb we got from her:-

"In school I just finished reading a book called Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown. It is a funny story about a boy named Stanley Lambchop who becomes flat when a bulletin board falls on him. Life turns out to be very interesting for Stanley. He gets rolled up, mailed and flown like a kite. He even gets to stop crime. He's flat, but he's a hero!

I mailed a Flat Stanley to you! He had a long journey to your house. Please do the following things with him:

1. Decorate Flat Stanley any way you like.

2. Have someone take your picture holding Flat Stanley.

3. Send Flat Stanley back to me, telling me what you did with him. Did you take him to the movies? Where did he sleep?

My class is going to see where all the Flat Stanley's travelled to aound the world. Thank you for helping me with this school project. Please try to send him back with your picture as soon as you can."

Now here's where you can help:

1. Download the following picture of Flat Stanley -
2.Print out and colour in Stanley, any way you like.

3. Take a photo of yourself with Stanley, ideally in front of some local landmark, like thus:

4. Email the photos and details of your first name, where you went and what you did with Flat Stanley to:

I will then vet your photos for their appropriateness (this is for a child's school project!). Provided they're suitable for kids, I'll print out the stories and photos and post them off to Illinois!

If I get a lot of entertaining images of Stanley in risqué situations, then I'll post a 'Stanley After Dark' blog on here - but only kid-friendly stuff will make its way to K.!

Please post this link on your Twitter:-

And please share this link on your Facebook! Your contribution to this project will be greatly appreciated - I'll post a follow-up blog to let you all know how it went.

We've got until the end of April 2011 to get some great shots and stories, so please join in! I want K. to have Stanleys from further afield than anyone else! ....Because I am so competitive that even when I am not directly involved in any way, I apparently become consumed by the urge to "win" something that isn't even a competition in the first place. Go me.