Thursday, 2 July 2009

It is a Truth Universally Acknowledged....

....that Beast from Beauty and the Beast is better looking when he's the Beast than when he's turned back into a human prince. Seriously. And I'm not alone in thinking this, either; every other person I've mentioned this to agrees that when he turns human at the end, he looks creepy and sleazy and weird. Nowt so queer as folk, I guess.

I've also noticed a trend amoung friends of mine of a certain age, to have had a crush on
Trent from Daria at one time in our lives. It has made me wonder in idle moments if crushes on imaginary characters has ruined them/us/me for real men. I mean, even when you date an archaeologist, in the back of your mind you're just thinking, "Sure, he's cute. But he's no Indiana Jones." .... I considered linking the name of Indy to the character's site there, but to be honest if you don't know who Indiana Jones is, then buddy, you ain't got no place in my life or my blog. Get out.

In other news, I FINALLY found a rental place to move into! Yes, as of July 15th I shall be what they call "sans parents" and will be able to go to a movie on a school-night like that. I'll be sharing with two other girls who're extremely awesome company, we have our very own garden and cozy woodburning stove for the winter-time, and all in all I am really looking forward to it!

...Although I shall be exceptionally poor after I've paid rent, and council tax, and contents insurance, and water rates, and electricity, and my LoveFilm subscription, and TV/broadband charges, and TV license fees (bloody BBC, rob dogs) and done crazy things like bought food. Yeesh. Looks like it'll be nights in round mine, then! But hey, I have over 100 films and the Wii, plus one of my new homies has decks, so sure we'll be able to occupy ourselves!