Sunday, 15 February 2009

Things That Make You Go ARGH.

As I'm sure my friends would be quick to tell you, I am almsot entirely fueled by hate. There are many things about this crazy ole world that really grind my gears - let me tell you about a few of them...

1. People who stop in doorways.
It's a fucking door, moron, people need to go through it. I know your conversation is oh so vitally important, but could you please conduct it elsewhere? I have, in the past, been known to ask people if they know where they are and if they understand that they are stood in a doorway.

2. When the sales assistant gives you your change and puts the note in your hand, then the coins on top.
This drives me up the wall. My hands are already full, with shopping and purse and my bag, and I just want to be able to put my change away as quickly as possible. When the coins are put on top of the note they fall out of my hand, I can't put the money away quickly, it's just generally really irritating. It's especially irritating when, as happened to me Thursday, the sales assistant starts to give me my change, I try to take the coins first and she stops me, takes the change back, and then re-gives me the money just to make absolutely certain that I get the notes on the bottom to make the transaction as bloody awkward as possible.

3. Not a frequent occurance, but this happened to me yesterday - I was stood in line to buy some milk. An old man went up to the till and started queuing in the wrong place, not at the back of the line. He saw that all I had was milk, so kindly offered for me to go ahead of him. I understood he was just trying to be nice so thanked him, but inside I was screaming, "I'm ALREADY ahead of you, idiot!"

4. People singing/saying the same line, over and over.
I don't like any form of repetitive sound at the best of times, and when people start on this sort of nonsense I just want to beat them to death with their own shoes.

5. When people talk/answer their mobile phones in the library.
Apparently in this "modern age" the library is meant to be a more welcoming environment, as part of which public-image-drive we're meant to tolerate the utter wankers who start yelling their conversations at each other, listening to music on their headphones so loudly that I can hear it even when I'm about 15 feet away from them, and screaming down their phones at their worthless wanker friends. If you want to talk, go somewhere else. As far as I'm concerned a library is a quiet place in which to read. One day, one day soon, I will snap and tell them all to fuck off and conduct their trivial lives someplace that's else.


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    Get with the modern times now Winskill, of course we can now ignore the mobile phone not allowed signs. People sit and text in A&E and all, whilst I'm the one sat there worrying about who's life support machine is going to start making that weird "dadadundadadundadadun" noise you get if you receive a text whilst your phone is too close to a speaker. I would like to witness that though.

    Plus, freakily I was thinking about the note and change routine only yesterday as I dropped 3 pound coins after I was holding two bags, a coat and a bottle of water and struggling to pour the change in first. Thats why everything gets shoved into my pockets and lost to the washing machine.